Open by Nature Ltd (OBN) is a trusted UK based technology company working with large enterprises and SME's across 7 countries. Black ICE was born out of a need for a custom CRM solution within our own business.

Our mission is to be a trusted and reliable resource that provides outstanding IT business technology. We believe this mindset enables better communication, collaboration and ultimately great results.

We strive to provide a cost effective CRM for any size of business, our product has saved many companies thousands in the cost of running a CRM compared to our competitors. However cost effective does not mean less quality or service, our CRM is available 24/7, can be tailored to your business and our team is available 24/7 on the phone, email or live chat to support your business.

Our Locations

Our Founder

Robin Noakes

Chief Executive Officer

Robin Noakes founded Open by Nature Limited (OBN) in 2009 looking to create a complete IT solutions company for businesses, and to use the emerging Open Source Technologies further helping to reduce costs. Since then OBN has grown from strength to strength expanding our product range and services. Robin has over 20 years in IT working for UK & Worldwide businesses.